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After participating in a LinkedIn discussion on the difference between recording for a group and recording for oneself, I promised to show everyone some examples of my own notetaking.  So here they are!

The following two are from Vanina Gallo's fascinating Mythe Me sessions, one on Demeter with pencil notes and another on Apollo with an IPAD recording.

Apologies to my monolingual English-speaking friends, it's all in French!

Demeter 1

Demeter 2

Demeter 4


And what IS the difference, you may wonder?  I'd say, and many of us visual practitioners seem to agree, that when recording for groups we are focused on the group experience, an experience we are part of, and at the same time making an effort to produce a result that can be understood by all.  While when recording for ourselves, we use more personal imagery, focus more on our personal experience (although that's probably affected by the group in the room with us too), and don't feel the need to get everything, just what is of particular interest to us.  Some say it's more chaotic, or simpler.  I'd say I let myself go more in terms of color and gesture.  Perhaps I should be doing this for group recording too…

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