TED talks – Robert Sapolsky and Sheena Lyengar

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I was having a dull weekend, so I decided to record some TED talks for practice…

The first one is a talk by Robert Sapolsky, primatologist, as a commencement address at Standford University on the uniqueness of humans compared to the animal world.  Turns out we're not so unique… except for a question of degree, complexity, and one trait that is truly unique — our ability to hold contradictions in mind and create something new.  Like "the less lovable someone is, the more important is to love them"… I guess Hegel was right.



Herewith a second talk by Sheena Lyengar on The Art of Choosing…  apparently how people choose is strongly related to cultural factors, such as the importance of individuality compared to the importance of the group.  She believes cultures have different assumptions about choice, tell different stories about choice, and that we would all do well to translate these stories and learn from them.


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