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Rajan Sankaran is a revolutionary homeopath who has developed a whole new approach to homeopathy based on relating patient sensations to the behavior of plants and animals from which the remedies are derived.   Now my knowledge of homeopathy and Rajan Sankaran's concepts is somewhat limited, but what I wanted to talk about here is a book co-authored by Sankaran and Sandra Petri, "Sankaran's Plant Sensations in Pictures", which gives visual impressions of the sensation of the various plant families.  I plan to order this book, as I'm sure it will be very inspiring in my work as a visual practitioner (only $30!).  Available in English…  I'm dying to know how people and plants can have the same sensations and that this can lead to a treatment!

Below a couple of examples from Rajan Sankaran's website:


and also… (sorry it's in German!).



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