On not being able to paint

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First published in 1950, Marion Milner's fascinating exploration of "free" drawing, "On not being able to paint",  has much to teach us today.  It seems to have stemmed from her attempt to come to grips with  dissatisfactions with her painting.  She felt her ability to "copy" the outside world lacked power and emotional impact, and began investigating the question through a long series of doodles/free drawings that she kept records of and analyzed over a long period. 

What's interesting is her analysis of those drawings and how she feels they allow the imagination to emerge on paper as a kind of visual introspection, staying open to the life of drawings.  She used drawing and doodling in her practice as a psychoanalyst. 

If graphic facilitators are doodling, just think of how this can be used in the future to psychoanalyse collective intelligence!  Just kidding…


The "Turkey Conductor", free drawing


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