New « Hand that draws » video… in French!

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Just a word to let you all know that I'm developing a new product — a "RSA-style" video, also known as whiteboard animation or videoscribing.   I'm convinced this clever combo of words and images, not animated but filmed as someone's hand draws, is highly engaging to the viewer — with the tactile, real-time aspect that visually reinforces the voice-off.  

Perhaps it's thanks to our mirror neurons that watching someone draw out the vision behind the discourse helps us understand not only thanks to the visual aspect but also because of the action-process feel the hand that draws gives.  At some level, when we watch the hand that draws, we're drawing too…  Another kind of observational learning perhaps.   Bravo to RSA for this brilliant idea.

In the demo below, I've opted for paper and markers and a lot of color.  Enjoy!

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