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Constantly frustrated by the way many members of my "tribe", friends,
and family are distant in space, and fascinated by the incredible
potential of the various virtual communication platforms with their
"whiteboard" and screen-sharing capacities, I've become convinced that
virtual conversation is the way to go.  However, I suspect that visual
reinforcement is crucial to engagement and possibly decreasing  the
usual multi-tasking that goes on when people are in an on-line meeting
that lacks the usual reinforcements of face-to-face dialogue.  Let's
surf and talk at the same time… what about that email I've been
expecting?  and so forth.

Found a wonderful example of a graphically facilitated MOOC by Nancy White of Full Circle Associates
She has people choosing their chair to sit in, drawing their feelings
on the whiteboard, using silence (for pondering) and chat and getting
feedback on both on the whiteboard, creating a group matrix on
interactivity and productivity to find the "sweet spot", and generally
taking full advantage of this whiteboard function where people can not
only play with drawing but also use symbols, forms, words, and color to
express themselves, which is important given how hard it is to draw with
a mouse!

Unfortunately, there's no indication as to what platform she's using…

There's something strange going on with the insert video function on typepad, so I'm also providing a direct link to the video…





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