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Recently read a fascinating book called "Le Manager Intuitif" (The Intuitive Manager) by Meryem Le Saget, consultant and author.  It's a multidisciplinary, process-oriented, whole-minded approach to managing the employee as client! i.e. moving towards third-generational motivation and combining the rational and intuitive sides of our being.  Sounds easy?  Well, one of the best qualities of this book is the author's careful inclusion of what can go wrong but how to avoid discouragement and giving up!

Here's a portrait of that intuitive manager… In French!  Unfortunately her book does not appear to have been translated into English… Fortunately the main words are common to both English and French.  "Equipe" means "team"…

Le Manager Intuitif 2


  1. Comment by: Philippe Boukobza
    Posted on: 10th Sep 2010Reply

    Magnifique carte sur un sujet très intéressant !

  2. Comment by: Philippe MacClenahan
    Posted on: 28th Sep 2012Reply

    On espère qu’elle viendra à VizThink Paris pour nous en parler.

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