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Herewith a Brushes video of some graphic recording I did on my Ipad (projected in real time) for the launch of "Metacarto", a French association devoted to exploring "la cartographie de l'information".  The Metacarto founders invited an anti-visual proponent ("Powerpoint is the devil") which generated an interesting discussion on the pros and cons of using visuals and visual thinking, especially in a French context where language is highly prized to the detriment of the image, which is "suspect", not rational, logical, or serious!

However, Metacarto plans to change this!  One of the founders has a wonderful blog (in French), Serialmapper, which is worth many, many visits…

Here's the second page of the graphic recording that you won't see in the video, with the conclusion: image AND language is the way to go.  They'll get no argument from me!

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