Ipad in the theater

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I recently had an incredible experience with my Ipad.  I was asked to visually record an Urban workshop or "Atelier Urbain" in Strasbourg.  This is an exercise in participatory democracy organized by Strasbourg to get citizens involved in the future urban "silhouette" of the city.  What was particularly interesting was the venue. 

It was organized in the charming Italian-style theater of the Théâtre National de Strasbourg, which means the participants were sitting in the audience, and the facilitators were on stage, including myself.  They hooked the Ipad to a remarkable high-resolution projector and projected my tiny screen onto a larger screen about 7 x 6 meters, basically occupying the whole stage!  The projector was so powerful no resolution was lost, the image was very sharp, and the participants could watch the recording evolve as they talked.  This has to be the most effective graphic recording I have ever done just for sheer size and audience participation (hard to ignore!).

A tiny glimpse follows!

Atelier Urbain Strasbourg

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