IFVP Conference 2012 – Mike Rhode graphic harvesting

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One of the most interesting aspects of the IFVP conferences is the opportunity to compare and contrast styles of graphic recording, learning from each other.  I thought I would try to give you a taste of this with a series of graphic recordings on the big paper during Mike Rhode's keynote address on sketchnoting.

Unlike the previous poste on the same keynote, where I included my own sketchnotes, graphic recording/harvesting is designed to benefit not the graphic recorder but rather the audience, serving as an anchor for memorisation and a stimulus to discussion. 

Sketchnotes are usually primarily intended for the use of the sketcher, who records the ideas that are important to him/her without any need to think about their usefulness to anyone else.  Naturally, sketchnotes can be made with an eye to the educational.  In some of my subsequent posts from the conference I'll show you a few examples of that.

I think I asked everyone's permission, but if I didn't, I hope they will forgive me and consider this free advertising.  Also, I apologize for the quality of some of the images.  Sometimes the lighting was not ideal.

Enjoy these talented people!

From Greg Gersch:

Greg Gersch Mike Rohde


Tim Hamons:

Mike Rhode Tim Hamons

Kelly Kingman, ImageThink

Mike Rhode Kelly Kingman

Loretta Line:

Mike Rhode Loretta Line

Kevin Rechin:

Mike Rhode Kevin Rechin whole



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