IFVP Conference 2012 – Whiteboard animation by Jeannel King

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In my ongoing effort to provide you with a virtual (and unfortunately partial!) IFVP experience, herewith my sketchnotes for Jeannel King's excellent overview on how to produce a whiteboard animation film.  Jeannel is currently the IFVP's extremely dynamic president!

Her workshop emphasized key points to remember in each phase.  Pre-production: ask the client the right questions, and know what you are willing to do — take on the producer role or just be the "talent" — generating storyboards and doing the actual filmed hand animation (RSA-style).  Apparently the hardest step is to get the client to come up with a script, and often they need help! Shooting: make sure your nails are clean.  Just kidding — check the sketchnotes.  Post production: what about distribution?  in otherwords, can you put it out there yourself?  also, remember to decide on whether you're available for callback, and don't forget to include that in your (tiered) offer…

Of course, IPad recordings with Brushes can be used a a cheapie animation!  No hand, though.

Whiteboard animation Jeannel King complete

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