IFVP Conference 2012 – Spark World Café

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One of the many stimulating workshops organized at this years IFVP (International Forum of Visual Practitioners) conference was a strategy session for Spark, an organization of people, projects, and organizations that supports the Kids plus Creativity movement in Pittsburgh.  The session was focused on how the work of the Activation Lab at the Learning Research & Development Center can be applied to their activities in a sustainable way.

To make a long story short, Activation Lab seeks to strenghthen science learning in the United States.  The Spark/IFVP world café brought together Spark people and IFVP graphic facilitators to explore how science, technology, and art could be brought together in an activation context.  The focus was on evaluation and measurement.

The lively opening presentation was captered by me as follows.  Like Spark, my focus was on the kids!

Spark Strategy session

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