Global visual facilitation

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Just discovered an amazing project started by Vijali Hamilton way back in 1986.  She's an artist who  creates "world wheels", traveling the world and asking people the following questions (quoted from the website):
"1. What is our essence?
2. What is our sickness, our imbalance. . . personally, communally and globally?
3. What can heal this sickness, what can bring us into balance?

"Their responses to these questions form the ritual performance. Each earth sculpture serves as the performance space and is left as a gift and permanent installation to be used by the community, continuing to connect them to the concept of Unity of the World Wheel."
The site is well worth a visit, and I find it personally inspiring to see someone doing visual facilitation on such a scale, using sculpture and installation!  I'm particularly fond of the snake on the island of TInos in Greece.

Image courtesy of Vijali Hamilton's World Wheel website

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