EuViz 2014 – the Saga – Mental Models…

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I've been meaning to share some of the content of EuViz 2014 via my sketchnotes and a brief article for those who were unable to attend or who would like to compare notes.

EuViz was held in Berlin this summer, organized by Guido Neuland of Neuland Gmbh, makers of all those wonderful markers we love and use, and Kommunikationslotsen, a process facilitation consultancy that is deeply involvedin visual facilitation as well.  The conference was co-sponsored by the International Forum of Visual Practitioners community, otherwise known as the IFVP.  A total of 240 people gathered for a visual/process fest that included 7 of us from France and people from all over the world.  

Euviz group photo

The conference was brilliantly organized in tracks and also included participative formats such as a world café, an open forum, and circle dynamics.  It was an incredibly enriching experience, taking us all to the next level…

My first workshop was part of the track "Mental Models for Advanced Visual Facilitation" with David Sibbet and Rachel Smith of The Grove accompanied by Meryem Le Saget, with a particular emphasis on being anthropologists to detect metaphors in the room (and in our own heads) and the use of clean language in process facilitation to deepend the understanding of those metaphors and how they are used by the group.

Here below my visual notes.  Much of this can be found in David Sibbet's book "Visual Teams".  Meryem Le Saget's contribution on Clean Language is not in the book, however!









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