EuViz 2014 – Anthony Weeks’ workshop on visual storytelling

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EuViz 2014 – Anthony Weeks’ workshop on visual storytelling

Anthony Weeks is an old hand in graphic facilitation, and has even extended his reach to documentary film-making.  This have given him an unusual take on graphic recording and graphic facilitation.  He generously offered participants in EuViz 2014 a session on Visual Storytelling, where he shared his insights on how what he learned in film-making is useful in his work as a graphic facilitator.  For him, it all lies in the « art of paying attention ».  He certainly enhanced my awareness of how graphic harvesting or creating a visual meeting includes many facets of storytelling — the 4W1H, the importance of presence, using hierarchy, how a story can be a call to action, and especiallty how content is also process, sequence, and emotion.  Below are three wonderful large-scale visuals he created for the workshop, well worth a close look, and my humble visual notes on iPad.  Unfortunately I only attended the second workshop.






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