Doodling your way to fame

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Check out the painting below by Jean Dubuffet, a French painter, from his "Hourloupe" period.  If you're interested, it will be auctioned in May at Artcurial in Paris.  You can bid from a distance if you're not in town!  I trust they won't mind my reproducing "Lit II"  Quite a quilt.

Apparently this "Hourloupe" style emerged from doodling on small pieces of paper with blue, black, and red ballpoint pens while talking on the phone.  He cut them up and assembled them on black paper and lo and behold, suddenly they took on a new life. I wondered how it would even occur to him to do something like that, when I remembered the Surrealist movement and Art Brut.  Dubuffet must have realized that doodling was a way to access unconscious realities, a dream universe… not unlike automatic writing and drawing.  But for me, it's an excellent example of pure right-brain activity combining with left-brain artistic discipline to create an enduring work.

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