Do Something. Do Anything.

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Terrific video animation of a letter by Sol Lewitt to Eva Hesse.  Never has anyone given better advice to an artist…  In fact, this advice is just fine for anyone who wants to do just about anything!  Also good advice for visual practitioners, I might add, for those moments when you suffer from the fear of the huge white blank sheet syndrome…

I think I will watch this every day until I have it memorized.

And Levni Yilmaz, independent film-maker, illustrates this remarkable letter with back-drawing technique and great drawing sound effect.  Check out his Tales of Mere Existence… lots on Youtube. He was inspired by "The Mystery of Picasso" film where Picasso's drawing is filmed on the other side. 

Below: No Title by Eva Hesse, 1970, image © The Estate of Eva Hesse



  1. Comment by: Corinne
    Posted on: 16th Juil 2011Reply

    1000 % d’accord !!!
    Et ça me fait penser au livre « Fuck It, the Ultimate Spritual Life » de John Parkin !

  2. Comment by: Corinne
    Posted on: 18th Juil 2011Reply

    Here the text of the letter, for those who are not good in English :

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