Darwinian theory of beauty

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While I'm not terribly convinced by the display/sexual attraction theory of beauty, this RSA collaboration with art theorist Dennis Dutton is a pleasure to watch.  I absolutely love the idea that the Acheulean hand axes and other stone artifacts were actually among the first works of art produced by our hominid ancestors early and late… They are truly remarkable.  However, I can't quite go with Dutton's idea that meticulous craftsmanship is sufficient to produce that mysterious quality we call beauty…! 

in searching for a compelling image of acheulean tools, I ran into a translation in English of a fascinating article on Neanderthal symbolism by authors Marie Soressi and Francesco D'Ericco.  The original article can be read here in French.

Here's one of their illustrations:



And another one for the road from another site:


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