Darth Vader and positive thinking

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Barbara Ehrenreich on the darker sides of positive thinking by the folks at RSA, one of the very bright lights in visual facilitation of learning through animation.  I've been saying this for years now, since as I live in France I come across as very "negative" when I go to the U.S. (and way too Pollyanna for the French!).  Which is why I truly appreciate her conclusion — the importance of attempting as far as possible to be realistic, knowing that although absolute truth is not attainable, we can do the best we can to figure out what's really going on… and also, work together to effect change. 

So yes, think positive, but also, keep your eye on the ball and watch out for predators, preferably in good company…

My favorites are the Darth Vader Force of Positive Thinking and also that Invisible Hand and the Iron… (not to worry, a couple of generations might be crushed, but hey…).

Here's the video on youtube, although I discovered it on a wonderful site called www.wimp.com which I can recommend if you feel like browsing… 



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    Posted on: 10th Avr 2011Reply

    Pessimist manage to reach the States Optimist end up in Auschwit
    Billy Wilder

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