Dan Roam at the IFVP conference

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Well, it's been about ten days since the conference finished and I wended my way to various other places.  But wanted to share another graphic recording of a truly seminal presentation by Dan Roam during the final day…

What I liked was how his very simple sketch-based approach opens the door to visual thinking for people who are convinced they "can't draw"… His book "Back of the Napkin" has had a huge impact on using visual thinking techniques in business environments, which is terrific for those of us who believe this whole-brain approach is the way to go in our complex and complicated information-overridden environment!

Below is the full presentation, and under that the same presentation close-up for your reading and visual pleasure…

Dan Roam complete small

Dan Roam 1 small

Dan Roam 2 small

Dan Roam 3 small

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