Cosmic fruits

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My husband pointed out that I never talk about my own art in this blog.  Well, I do talk about what I do as a graphic facilitator… but hey, he has a point…

So here's the first of a series of blogs about my painting.  Following some examples from a series I produced back in 1994-5 — the Cosmic Fruits series.  Thanks to having to write this, I realized that I use my paintings of natural forms/objects as visual metaphors to be able to paint things I can't paint directly from nature.  The fruit series is about the sensuous magnetism of fruit but also about the way bodies interact in space, and by space, I mean outer space.  It's my left brain interest in astronomy combining with my right brain love of the simple forms and subtle colors of fruit to produce cosmic fruits!

You can check out part of the series on my website.  My apologies for the technical hitches.  I have to redo the site, since hosting anything on Frontpage has become a major problem.  It works best on Internet Explorer, no surprise there!

Feedback welcome!

Green red purple prunes

Oil on canvas, about 24 x 19 cm.

or this:

Oil on canvas, 21 x 27 cm

Or something bigger:

 Oil on canvas, 50 x 50 cm



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