Clover leaf map of the world

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Thanks to the UNC School of Education, here we have a map of the world from the 16th century… 1581, to be precise.  Interestingly, the map reflects a symbolic perception of the world, not some kind of mathematical projection.  Thus, Jerusalem is at the center of a clover-leaf composed of Africa, Asia, and Europe…

So, symbolically, we have here a variant of the mandala, a central and centralizing visual approach in visual facilitation…

Interestingly, America is off to the lower left corner, and England is outside the cloverleaf (nothing seems to have changed there!)… 

The title is “Die eigentliche und warhafftige gestalt der Erden und des Meers.”  I hope some of my German-speaking friends can translate this for me… I presume Erden und des Meers means Earth and seas…  The word getstalt is certainly evocative.  Perhaps here we have the first "Gaia" hypothesis!




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  1. Comment by: alejandro pardo
    Posted on: 11th Sep 2011Reply

    Incredible image, maybe there is today a place for an alternative way to make maps using symbols. Not to tell the truth, but to show beauty

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