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Speaking of infographics, here is the OECD Better Life Initiative index.  It looks like a garden of flowers, where each flower represents one of the OECD countries and each petal one of eleven topics relevant to the good life, such as income, safety, health, housing, environment, governance, and so forth.  The length of each petal represents the country's score on each item.  If you then adjust in your own priorities on those eleven items, the width of the petals change accordingly.  What an elegant solution to representing complex data using a metaphor that immediately evokes a better life (a field of flowers!). 

What about art in practical data visualization?  She provided a link to an interesting article from Juice Analytics' blog on the question, with great links to some very interesting data visualization artists who were present at the Eyeo festival.

Personally, I believe the fine arts business model is not the only way to practice "art", which I suppose in this context I'd define as using the suggestive, emotional side of visual language to deepen our experience of the world, including data visualization.


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