A child who paints like an adult, or adults who paint like children?

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Aelita Andre is a four-year-old with parents who know how to get a kid painting. Check out the following blog on her art.  However, we may hope this young artist has an influence on art education!  Does every child have this kind of potential, or is Aelita a kind of Mozart?  I remember another child prodigy, Wang Yani, the daughter of a Chinese painter who painted monkeys with big brushes on big paper at a very young age.  Here the mastery aspect is clearer.  But now, see what's she's doing now.  Amazing coincidence, no?

I've been convinced for years that young kids need to work very big, with their whole body involved, not on tiny pieces of paper and only using markers or what have you.  However, I'm less than sanguine about the idea of creating an art career for a four-year-old…

But to get back to graphic facilitaiton, having a big visual space to work in is good for everyone, be it a child or a group of adults around a 4 x 8 ft piece of paper…  Are visual practitioners going back to childhood along with the whole group?




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